Miller Lite is selling “Tree Keg Stands” that turn your Christmas tree into a beer-serving station.It’s essentially a stand that can hold a keg with a hole to allow access to the beer tap. They go on sale next Thursday morning at for $50.

It sounds like there’s a very limited supply so set your alarms/reminders. See what they look like below.

In addition to the Tree Keg Stand they also brought back their Beernaments, which are Miller Lite Tree Ornaments that you can drink beer out of, the first batch have already sold out but should be restocked in the middle of November.


Synyster Gates Tattooed A7X Fans While Drunk at Recent Event

There’s no cute way to introduce this story: A drunken Synyster Gates tattooed some Avenged Sevenfold fans at a recent event, and the tattoos are…well…interesting.

The event in question was organized by the Deathbats Club, a unique NFT/blockchain grouping that is limited to 10,000 members and derives its name from A7X’s logo. Gates was in attendance at the event, along with M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ and Brooks Wackerman.

Gates shared/retweeted a number of photos from the event showing off his drunken tattoo work. Scroll below to see the type of ink some fans received! Once again, they’re interesting.