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Realtors and home sellers are always looking to get an edge when listing a house. Halloween Where’s Waldo? is that edge.


At first glance, the listing for 73 Guys Lane in Weare, NH looks pretty much like any other real estate listing you’d find online. It’s a two-bedroom, two bathroom home situated on what looks to be a pleasant, wooded, three-acre lot. There’s a side deck and what looks to be a homemade tree house or play house to the right of the property when you start to scroll through the photo gallery. To the left, there’s one of those decorative wells. Here’s where you’ll want to take a closer look.


Scroll through the listing here: there are spoilers ahead.


Do you see it? Behind the well? Did you zoom in?


OK, one more spoiler alert before the reveal. You ready?


It looks like 73 Guys Lane in Weare, NH has a certain someone from Haddonfield, IL skulking around the property.

Halloween Movie Poster (1978)


I don’t know if it was the realtor or the owners who had the idea to stage the photos with Michael Myers, but what a brilliant idea it was. Like you, I first noticed The Shape in the third photo, lurking behind (or inside?) the well. Then, I had to scroll back and see if he was also in the first two photos. I found him. Then, it was off to the races.


Halloween Where’s Waldo?

Michael with a poor, defenseless chicken. Michael by the kitchen door. Michael with a kitchen knife. By the time we get to the living room, things are downright silly. So buyer beware when moving to Weare: you might get more than what you paid for. Or maybe that’s the whole selling point? Slash the price a few thousand dollars and I’ll take the famous slasher right along with the house.