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Released March 13, 1995.

Leave it to Boston’s Vanyaland to unearth a 1995 Radiohead performance and share it on the anniversary of the gig.


Vanyaland posted the story earlier, and as soon as I saw it I was blasted back in time. September 28, 1995. I had just started as an undergrad at Northeastern University. And when I say “just started,” I mean that quite literally. Back when I was at NU, they were on the quarter system, not the semester system common to most colleges and universities. I had a solid month between when my friends started their classes at Tufts and UMass and when I started mine at Northeastern. So I did what any 18-year-old would do to kill time: I bummed around and listened to the radio.


My station of choice in those days was WFNX, the little alternative station that could. The first time I ever heard Radiohead was on FNX (it was either “Creep” or “Anyone Can Play Guitar,” I can’t remember which). And the station had spent the better part of the summer playing songs off of the band’s sophomore effort The Bends, which is still my favorite Radiohead album to date. Throughout September, the station’s deejays were hinting at a secret set from the band somewhere in Boston. I’m sure there was some sort of contest run; that’s where my memory gets fuzzy. But the band did indeed come and play for the FNX staff and their listeners. And they did it 27 years ago today.


September 28, 1995: Radiohead plays Fort Apache

It was a homecoming of sorts for the band, as their first two albums–1993’s Pablo Honey and 1995’s The Bends–were cut at Fort Apache’s Camp Street studios in Cambridge. Ironically, it’s my alma mater of Northeastern University that has the audio archived, as their DRS has a ton of old FNX and Boston Phoenix content.


Stream the set here, and check out the setlist below.