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We’ve seen grown men that aren’t as tough as this six-year-old boy.  He’s riding his bike over some trails, and when he comes to a drop he loses control and faceplants into the ground.

His dad is filming it, and when he runs up to check, the kid lifts himself up and says, “It was just dude stuff.”

10 Jack Daniel's Tattoos That'll Make You Say 'Cheers!'

Jasper Newton Daniel was born on September 5, 1846, but the world best knows him as Jack Daniel, the namesake of the iconic Tennessee Whiskey.

Jack Daniel launched his distillery in 1875, and in the many years since, Old No. 7 went on to become one of the most iconic spirits in the world and boasts a very loyal fanbase.

How loyal are Jack Daniel’s fans? Many of them get tattoos in honor of the whiskey! Scroll through the gallery below to see ten different designs found on Instagram via the hashtag #JackDanielsTattoo.