Adam 12

11am - 4pm

With the future of The Middle East in Cambridge uncertain, local TV news turned to me, Adam 12, and my face for radio.


If you missed the news last week, let’s get you caught up. The first report I saw came via Cambridge Day on the Friday before Labor Day. In short, the owners of The Middle East have filed documents with the Historical Commission in Cambridge. Those documents consider a plan to demolish the landmark Cambridge venue and build in its place a–wait for it–luxury hotel. Shocking, I know. The good-ish news is the rebuild would also make room for two new entertainment spaces. Currently, the Commission is set to meet on October 6, and consideration for the demolition is on the agenda.


When the news broke, I wrote this piece, sharing some of my favorite musical memories of the Mid East Up and Down over the years. It caught the attention of WBZ-TV’s Ken MacLeod, who interviewed me for a segment. The Middle East has a complicated history, especially given the allegations that have surfaced in recent years and the effect they’ve had on the local music scene. But my focus was on the cultural and musical impact the venue has had on the city for over a half a century. And the cultural impact losing venues like this continues to have. Take a look.


See? I’m not terrible on TV! I mean, I’m not saying I belong on TV. I’ll stay on the radio, thank you very much. It’s the only place in media left that affords the slightest bit of anonymity. Maria Stephanos once told me she can’t even take a quick trip to the grocery store without having to put on a full face of makeup, for fear of some viewer giving her grief. I don’t need that smoke. I need more people like my boy Graham building me up.