Metallica is well aware their fan base isn’t fond of their 2003 studio album St. Anger. In light of (or in spite of) the hate, it’s still not stopping the band from having a laugh about it.

A couple of videos have surfaced thanks to Metal Hammer. Each clip shows James Hetfield at an undisclosed 2022 Metallica show playfully teasing the crowd about their anger towards St. Anger. The first clip shows the band wrapping “Frantic” with Hetfield saying afterwards, “That’s from your favorite album ‘St. Anger’! Oh, c’mon! It’s growing on you now.” He then points to someone near the stage and says, “Just give it a little more time, buddy. You’ll get it. Okay, eight more songs from ‘St. Anger.’ You ready? Just kidding.”

The second clip shows Papa Het doing a cheer/boo poll on St. Anger before launching into “Dirty Window” from the album.

Metallica Teasing Eight More St. Anger Songs on the Setlist


James Hetfield Polls Metallica Fans Whether or Not They Like St. Anger


Of course, Metallica also troll their fans about St. Anger on social media, too. On the 19th anniversary of the album this past June, the band shared the artwork to their social channels along with the caption, “Everyone’s favorite album, ‘St. Anger,’ was released 19 years ago #OnThisDay in 2003! Do we dare ask what your favorite song on the album is?”

Believe it or not, the album was defended by many fans in the comments. One fan wrote, “Unpopular opinion it gets me into a fight with EVERYONE in my family and friends group. But right behind Kill Em All, THIS is my FAVORITE album from you guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Never ever ever f—ing listen to the haters and negative comments. This album kicks ass!” Another fan wrote, “People piss on St. Anger, but it was necessary, or the band would have broken up. Plus, I really like ‘All within my hands’ now after S&M2.”


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