This Junk Food Round Up brings news on some new flavors or some of your favorite snacks.  Doritos is getting a condiment themed and Coke is launching a new flavor that tastes like your dreams!?

Do either of these sound good?  Ketchup and mustard-flavored Doritos now exist.  They’re doing a test run and selling them online at

The mustard is said to be more like a spicy mustard you’d get at an Asian resturaunt and less like a dijon.  Would you try these?



Coca-Cola announced its fourth and final bizarre, “Creations” flavor.  It’s called Dreamworld . . . and it tastes like “dreams,” which is apparently mango and citrus.

It’ll be available next Monday for a limited time.


James Ranks His Favorite Breakfast (Soda) Pops

Most people will probably tell you their favorite thing to drink in the morning is coffee. Not this (soda) pop-a-holic morning radio “professional”!

The first thing to address is that sweet carbonated liquid is called POP! At least in the D&CtF home stomping grounds, so if you refer to it as soda, soda pop, or coke, just use the word you prefer.

When there are no energy drinks available in the morning I prefer to get my day started with a delicious citrusy flavored pop. What separates a “breakfast” pop from any other?

To me fruity and citrus flavors make it “breakfast” like a big glass of carbonated Froot Loops or orange juice. Now I’m not saying you can’t drink other pops for breakfast, just that these are MY favorite “breakfast” pops.

  • 8. Orange Pop (Sunkist/Faygo/Fanta)

    Orange PopThis was the first flavor of pop I gravitated towards drinking in the morning hours.  I think it’s because of it’s similarities (color and flavor) to Orange juice… Orange juice was always something people drank in the morning. So this was just a really swap of juice for pop.

    My favorite brand of Orange pop is Fanta (it’s ok to sing the song…), but Faygo and Sunkist brand are just as good.



  • 7. MTN Dew

    MTN DewIf there is no Orange pop available a super easy second choice is a good ole Mountain Dew.

    The classic carbonated lemon lime flavor and the higher levels of caffeine help delivery the much needed energy in the AM.




  • 6. MTN Dew Code Red

    Code RedIf a Code Red is available over a regular Dew I’ll always go Code Red.

    They really stepped the Mountain Dew game up by adding the cherry aftertaste to their already legendary Dew flavor.




  • 5. Fresca

    FrescaNow I’m not sure what the creators of “the Boys” had against the delicious no calorie grapefruit pop but it is one of the best flavors to start your day with!

    Best of all its calorie free and not technically a “diet” pop. (I’m not a scientist or dietician so don’t quote me on that…I prob heard it on TikTok)



  • 4. Squirt

    SquirtA lot of people start their day with delicious fresh grapefruit and if there is not Fresca available (sometimes it can be harder to find) another great breakfast pop is Squirt!

    This has a bit more of an intense grapefruit flavor and to me seems to be more carbonated then a Fresca.

    I LOVE the bubbly grapefruit morning flavor of Squirt!


  • 3. MTN Dew Spark

    MTN Dew SparkAnother soft drink I LOVE is pink lemonade! Now combine that sweet lemony flavor with the classic MTN Dew and you have a hit!

    This flavor just started hitting stores within the last year and it’s quickly become one of my favorites to start my day.



  • 2. Ruby Red Squirt

    Ruby RedGrowing up I always enjoyed eating pink grapefruit. Usually for a late breakfast or a quick snack.

    Naturally when Squirt stepped up their game and created Ruby Red Squirt a pop flavor inspired by the delicious pink grapefruit I had to try it!

    It is one of my all-time favorite flavors I can drink anytime but it’s SO HARD TO FIND IN DIET! I’ve kicked off many mornings sipping on this sweet nectar…when I could find it!

  • 1. Faygo 60/40

    faygo60-40This one is a bit of a regional flavor since it’s manufactured by Detroit’s own Faygo! But the 60/40 is a mix of Grapefruit and Lime. (I think it’s a 60% Grapefruit and 40% Lime but not confirmed)

    Drinking this flavor one morning is what made me realize the existence of breakfast specific pops and was dubbed the first official “Breakfast Pop.”

    It’s the prefect mix of grapefruit with lime and is the best flavor to wake up with.

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