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A woman is shooting AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle at LOK HTS Shooting CLub range in Krakow. in Krakow, Poland on June 11, 2022 (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

An attempted robbery in California was stopped when the 80-year-old owner of the store opened fire on the suspects. While fleeing to their getaway car, one of the suspects yelled ‘He shot my arm off!’. The suspect is in the hospital recovering from his shotgun wounds.

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Dave & Chuck the Freak's Wildest Mugshots of the Day

One of Dave and Chuck the Freak’s most popular segments is the “Mug Shot of the Day.”

Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, and always wild.

Check out a baker’s dozen from the last year (because we couldn’t resist that last one!)

  • The Cookie Guy

    This guy broke into a bakery.  The bakery put his surveillance video photo on cookies and handed them out for free…and they caught him!   See his mugshot here!


  • The Shocked Emoji Guy

    Warning: This guy’s crimes are pretty dark-sided. But his mug shot looks like the shocked emoji.  See it here!

  • Tattoos for Eyebrows

    Need we say more? Yep, this guy has tattoos for eyebrows.  He’s wanted for arson and assault.  See what he looks like.

  • 39 Year Old Hooker

    A Florida woman was arrested for soliciting sex for cash from an undercover officer.  She’s only 39 years old, but you won’t believe it when you see her.

  • 4 Handed Mug Shot

    This guy from Virginia needed some help to pose for his mugshot. As in 4 hands holding his head still.  See his wild photo…and decide what’s on his tongue.

  • Family Mug Shot

    The family that gets their mugshots taken together, stays together…in jail.  See this Florida family mugshot here.

  • Curly Sharpie Moustache

    He stole his friend’s wallet and phone and he has a curly handlebar moustache drawn with Sharpie on his face.  See if the photo is as wild as you think it is.

  • Meth Pipe Up the Bum

    Pretty much what it says.  A 22 year-old from Texas was arrested on a warrant and told the police she has a meth pipe on her, but it wasn’t evident. They had to find it…in her bum.  Sadly, there are several years’ worth of her mugshots here.


  • Cartoon Head

    Mr. Potato Head? Max Headroom?  Dumbo?  This guy has the look of some cartoon character.  Check him out and decide for yourself.

  • Florida Man (Literally)

    If you have a tattoo of the state of Florida on your forehead, you win the “Florida Man” title.  See him here.

  • Chronic Masturbator

    Art imitates life…or something like that.  This guy was busted for chronic masturbation and his mugshot looks like he was caught in the act. Ewwww.

  • Drunk Trespasser

    When this Florida woman broke into a home looking for her boyfriend, she was shoeless, wet, smelled of booze, and sounded intoxicated.  Her mug shot makes it look that way, too.

  • Drug-Free T-Shirt Guy

    Quite simply, this guy got busted for drugs, and the t-shirt he wore in his mug shot said “Drug Free.”  His pose is classic.