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11am - 4pm

(Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

This ain’t no Econoline van. Nor is it a tour bus. Backstage at The Verb Hotel is a different sort of rock star experience.


The story popped up on our radar last month, and it rocks, so we thought we’d share it with you. The Verb Hotel on Boylston St., right around they way from Fenway Park, prides itself on delivering “the authentic rock and roll experience.” The rooms are rife with music paraphernalia, with frequent nods to Boston’s rich rock history. So it makes sense that the hotel will be playing host to a new place to stay that is decidedly rock and roll.


Backstage at The Verb Hotel

When you hit, you get an eyeful of a lot full of colorful, retro trailers. And you get the usual COMING SOON billboard with this somewhat-cryptic sentence: “Backstage at The Verb is a novel urban experience created to satisfy the wanderlust in all of us. Rocking this Summer.” Oh, and you get the obligatory hashtag #MEETMEBACKSTAGE.


Turns out Backstage at The Verb Hotel debuts this September. Yes, it’s a fleet of trailers. Ten of them, actually. Custom-made and chock-full of all the high-end amenities you’d expect if you were a touring rocker. You’ll have your very own record player to spin tunes. You’ll have access to the Verb’s outdoor pool, with it’s renowned view of Fenway Park. You’ll also have your own patio and your own private bath, fitted with a rainfall shower. And of course your retro trailer will be chock-full of memorabilia from rock and roll’s glory days.

So what’s the price tag? $599 a night, to start. For a price that steep, you should get a visit from the late Keith Moon dressed as Batman. Or at least have Mick Jagger stay the night for a sleepover.