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A 12-year-old boy asked his mom to give him a “bald” haircut like Gargamel, the evil wizard from “The Smurfs”. 

She did, but he ended up looking just like Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons”.  Luckily, the kid loved it.


Looking Back at Some Crazy Times with Dave & Chuck 'the Freak!'

We’ve had some crazy times with Dave & Chuck “The Freak,” and we’re only going up from here! In honor of all the madness, we’ve put together some of our favorite D&C videos and catch phrases!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Memories!

  • D&C Catch Phrases! Which is your favorite? Tweet at the show and let them know!


    Support Command


    Lisa Cheese Tray

    Lisa Three Way

    Prepare to Peg

    It’s Friday Bitches

    Lifeless Eyes…Like a Dolls Eyes