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Yes, you read that correctly: Mudvayne Singer Falls While Performing “Not Falling.” You can’t make this stuff up.


Thankfully, he’s OK. Banged up? Yes. But OK. Blabbermouth had the story earlier this week, and it goes like this. Mudvayne was on stage on Tuesday, July 26 in Tampa, FL at MidFlorida Credit Union Ampitheatre. Lead singer Chad Gray was performing “Not Falling” from the band’s 2002 album The End of All Things to Come. And, well, he fell down. He lays is all out in this video, posted to his Instagram earlier this week.


Mudvayne Singer Falls

Or, as Chad puts it, “The whole truth!-The Sore Man.” Gray thanked his fans for reaching out and checking on him. And he assured everyone that “it’s not like I walked out there and fuckin’ slipped on a banana peel or something and fell into the crowd.” He was doing what he does during a Mudvayne show: getting down, close to the crowd, singing, screaming, and getting the fans all riled up. He just lost his footing as he was straddling the stage and the barricade, thanks to a bit of a crowd rush.


The important thing is, Chad Gray is A-O-K and Mudvayne is still co-headlining the “Freaks On Parade” Tour with Rob Zombie. That’s the tour that rolls into Xfinity Center in Mansfield on Saturday, July 20, with Static-X and and Powerman 5000 supporting. That’s the show that the Ticket Troll has been dropping tickets to all week long. And you can still win! If you’re reading this and it’s before I, Adam 12, get off the air on Friday at 4, tune in my show and keep listening for your chance to win. And while you wait, check out this short list of 8 Nasty Stage Falls Ranging from Funny to Painful. I guess we’ll have to add Chad now and make it 9.