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Kelly’s Roast Beef…it’s not just for Massachusetts anymore.

The legendary Revere-based restaurant is hoping to expand their famous roast beef and seafood to other parts of the country.  Yup.  They want Florida, California, and Michigan to experience a 3-way.  (Which for the uninitiated is BBQ sauce, mayo, and cheese.)

As reported in the Boston Globe  and Boston 25, they’re offering franchises and looking for experienced restaurant operators or investors to show the rest of the country why Kelly’s Roast Beef is so iconic.

Kelly’s New Slogan!

They’re changing their logo and slogan!  The old slogan “Roast Beef.  Seafood. Sandwiches” will be replaced by “Boston’s Legendary Roast Beef and Seafood.” And the logo will go from a black and white image of a chef holding a hunka hunka roast beef to a color image of him holding a sandwich, lobster, and a frappe on a tray.   You can see the old and new logos here.  It’s not as drastic as the recent Mr. Clean makeover, but you can see the change.

They’ve also got a spiffy new website where you can buy merch, order on-line, and apply for your own franchise.

How Do I Get a Kelly’s Franchise?

Here are some fun franchising facts we found on the Kelly’s franchise FAQ page. 

  • Franchisees will need to complete 8 weeks of training at least 12 weeks before they open a restaurant.  Sounds intense, but apparently they want this to be tight like Los Pollos Hermanos.  Maybe Gus Fring will run the training.
  • The cost?  $750,000 to almost $2 million for single location (plus real-estate costs and $40K franchise fee.)
  • The agreement lasts 20 years.  And the Kelly’s team will help with site selection and buildout, super-secret operation manuals (ok, they call them ‘proprietary’ but doesn’t ‘super-secret’ sound cooler?) and ongoing support and training.
  • If you’re thinking “Hey, I’ve got $3 million and some restaurant experience…this is for me,” here’s how to contact them: (781) 514-6046 or franchise@kellysroastbeef.com.

So, the smell of change is in the air (along with fried clams, onion rings, and roast beef) as Kelly’s attempts to expand.  We  hope nothing changes with original 4 locations in Revere Beach, Danvers, Medford, or Saugus.

We look forward to stopping on road trips all over the country for clams with bellies. Because they’re not actually clams without the bellies.  Hey, that should be on page 1 of the training manual.

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