Alice Cooper, much like Wu-Tang, is for the children, and the Godfather of Shock Rock has some solid recommendations for young musicians just starting out.

Cooper said in a new interview with LA Weekly when asked what he looks for as a judge on the band competition show No Cover, “To me being a songwriter, I’m always saying everything revolves around how good the song is. You know, I don’t care how exciting you are up there. I said, spend your time listening to The Beatles. I tell young bands all the time, I want you to listen to The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons.  They wrote perfect songs, right? Their records were perfect.”

He continued, “You can be an angry punk rock band, but write a song around it. Don’t just play a riff, or a drum part and yell at me. That’s not a song. You have to have a verse and a chorus. That’s why I want you to listen to early Beatles and the Beach Boys. You can be just as angry and have a good song. You don’t have to just throw it away. Too many bands just throw it away.”

Now, you heard Professor Cooper; go listen to the Beatles, Beach Boys and the Four Seasons! There’s probably going to be a test!


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