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In an unprecedented case, a Missouri appeals court ordered Geico to pay a woman $5.2 million, after she had unprotected relations in a guy’s car and got an STD.

The woman claims she got a sexually transmitted disease from an ex-boyfriend after sex in the back of his Hyundai Genesis. Since he did not disclose that he had the STD before the unprotected sex he was found responsible.

The woman was awarded $5.2 million for damages and injuries to be paid by Geico. Geico initially refused a settlement of $1 million, claiming they had nothing to do with it. It looks like Geico is working on an appeal to this verdict.


'Karen Metal' is Exactly What You Think It Is (And It Kinda Slaps)

  • Karen Metal 1

    This Karen is very concerned about democracy.

  • Karen Metal 2

    This Karen absolutely freaks out and wants to “have a swim in peace.”

  • Karen Metal 3

    This Karen loses her damn mind in a Victoria’s Secret store.

  • Karen Metal 4

    The fourth installment of Karen Metal is a super cut of two breakdowns: One Karen is the “CEO of Hangry” after not eating during a ten-hour shift at work, while the other Karen, who appears to be an instructor of sorts, has a very strict “No Pomegranates” rule. This is a strange one, indeed.

  • Karen Metal 5

    Like “Karen Metal 4,” “Karen Metal 5” is a supercut of two different Karens: The first Karen is very angry about no one giving up their seat for her on public transit, while the second Karen is furious at people for filming her freak out of which there is no context. Regardless, yikes!