There comes a time in every man’s life where livin’ like every day is a Hangover movie starts to take it’s toll. The only way to replace this kind of action is by taking up extreme hobbies, such as skydiving, fire juggling or of course video games. I bought a Playstation 5 and outside of Elden Ring, there haven’t been a lot of games that have made me extremely stoked. But luckily, the future is lookin’ ok on the video game front, here are 5 games in the nerd realm I’m really lookin’ forward to.

Ghostbusters Spirit’s Unleashed

An open world Ghostbusters game, where you go around picking up missions to catch ghosts sounds like it will kill some time. I must confess, I haven’t watched a second of any of the new Ghostbusters movies as I’m such a fan of the originals, but this game looks like something I’ll like, they even got  Dan Aykroyd!

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

I have never been a fan of any of the DC characters. I have always been into Marvel characters way more. I still have respect for the world of DC Comics though, and I can always get behind a video game where you get to kick the Flash’s ass. God, I hate the Flash. He runs. Fast. Yeah, this game should be good. I can’t wait to kick the  Flash’s ass.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Easily my favorite comic character of all time, Wolverine has had many video games for various consoles. Most of which were extremely lame. This one has incredible potential. Open world, with the same playability as the Spiderman series of Playstation games. There’s no official release date yet… but when this is released it will definitely help ya kill some time, bub.


Indiana Jones

While these times of ours may seem extremely dark and hopeless, there is one thing that has seeming made the future tolerable. The video game technologies have progressed to give us incredibly fun ways to play as our favorite characters. An Indiana Jones game with today’s video game graphics and technology has the real potential to not suck. I hope it has the same feel as the Far Cry series. To be honest, I would buy whatever special addition version, if it came with the hat.

The Elder Scrolls VI

When it came to killin’ time in a world of nerdery rich with originality, Elder Scrolls V really worked it’s …don’t say it.. don’t make the easy pun. Be better than that… don’t….. magic. Yeah, I did it. I went for the easy joke. I’ll have to live with that now. What was I writing about? Oh yeah, Elder Scrolls VI… yeah if you’re a fan of magic and might and dragons and such… The Elder Scrolls series is a great time killer.