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A TikTok’er has been racking up the hits with a video explaining why male statues from ancient Greece have small packages.  Back then, a man with a small unit was considered dignified, while the huge dudes were seen as foolish or barbaric.


Speaking of small packages…

Chuck the Freak's Top 5 Dream Guitars!

  • Martin Persner Gibson Rd Black and Tan Sunburst


    One of the original nameless ghouls in ghost. Still plays this guitar in his original band Magna Carta Cartel.

  • David Gilmore Fender “Black Strat”


    The man who plays the solos with the most feeling ever. Iconic all black Fender Stratocaster.

  • Slash Goldtop Gibson Les Paul

    No one. And I mean no one looks cooler playing guitar than Slash. Goldtop was perfection and Gibson guitars owes a lot to slash for revitalizing the brand.

  • The Edge Gibson 1976 Explorer

    The guitar that has been there from the start of U2. It’s even survived a broken neck repair. Gave the Edge a distinctive look and sound from the start.

  • Jimmy Page “Number One” 1959 Gibson Les Paul


    Jimmy Page purchased this from Joe Walsh. It was used in every Led Zeppelin live show and on ever record they made. Priceless.