In “most metal thing ever” news: A woman gave birth during a Metallica show in Brazil over the weekend.

Joice M. Figueiró says in the Instagram post below (with a little help from Google Translate) that she was 39 weeks pregnant when she attended the May 7 Metallica show at the Estádio Couto Pereira in Curitiba, Brazil. She noted, “At every show I go to, something has to happen, but this time I think I’ve outdone myself. Luan Figueiró came into the world on 05/07/2022 at 23:15 shaking all metal structures.”


Joice would add more details on her experience giving birth at a Metallica show via Instagram stories, which were also shared by the band. Joice shared that her seats for the show were in the section reserved for those with disabilities and that she sat the entire time. She was feeling fine during the opening sets from Ego Kill Talent and Greta Van Fleet, but then started to experience contractions when Metallica started their set. Her labor was moving very fast and there was no time to get her to a hospital.

“He was born right there in Couto Pereira to the sound of Metallica,” she wrote. “Everyone was surprised at what was happening. Everyone who saw me in line with the 39 weeks belly said that he would be born at the show, and that’s what happened.”

Joice added, “Three years ago, I purchased this ticket, and I would have never imagined a thing like this happening.”

Metallica's 'Blacklist': The Best Version Of Each Song

  • Enter Sandman

    There are six versions of the album’s opening track — and possibly Metallica’s most famous song. Weezer’s version was charming; it’s like their recent cover of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.” You could imagine a younger Rivers Cuomo geeking out in his garage to this song, in front of his KISS poster. Ghost definitely Ghost-ified the song. But Rina Sawayama’s version actually got us to look her up. She’s a Chinese-British pop singer with some definite metal influences.

  • Sad But True


    There were seven versions of “Sad But True” and this is probably the toughest decision here. Royal Blood does a great version, as does Americana singer/songwriter Jason Isbell. Sam Fender turns it into a piano ballad, but our favorite version is St. Vincent’s: she makes it sound like a mid-’90s Nine Inch Nails jam.

  • Holier Than Thou

    This was probably the easiest choice of the album. “Holier Than Thou” sounds like it was written for, or by, Corey Taylor.

  • The Unforgiven

    Ha*Ash is a sister duo from Louisana, and they give “The Unforgiven” a bit more vulnerability than Metallica did. Hearing them go back and forth from singing in English to Spanish accentuates an important point: that Metallica are one of the most popular bands in the world, not just in America.

  • Wherever I May Roam

    This was an easy choice: the other artists doing this song did remixes, whereas Pardi – a country singer – made it his own song.

  • Don't Tread On Me

    This was another easy choice: Denmark’s Volbeat (who have opened for Metallica) do a solid version of this album track.

  • Through The Never

    As with Ha*Ash’s version of “The Unforgiven,” the HU’s take on a Metallica classic reminds us just how global Metallica’s appeal is. The HU, if you don’t know, is a Mongolian folk and metal band and their version of “Through The Never” is incredibly intense.

  • Nothing Else Matters

    Predictably, a lot of artists took this one on: there are *12* versions of the song on The Blacklist. But the best one is the only track on this collection that could compete with the original: Chris Stapleton’s version. Check it out.

  • Of Wolf And Man

    This was an easy one – only folk rock band Goodnight Texas decided to try “Of Wolf And Man,” but they did a great job.

  • The God That Failed

    We love Irish rockabilly singer Imelda May and her version, but IDLES’ take on “The God That Failed” is fearsome.

  • My Friend Of Misery

    This might be the weirdest thing on the whole album; jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington’s cover of “My Friend Of Misery.” Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo joined him on stage for this over the summer.

  • The Struggle Within

    Mexican guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela have always been metal fans… and that’s obvious in this amazing take on the underrated Metallica song.

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