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Dave & Chuck the Freak covered the story on Tuesday morning, but we need to dig deeper into this recent “lewd act” on the MBTA. reports that Transit Police are seeking to identify a man who boarded a Red Line train at Ashmont at approximately 10:50 a.m. on Thursday, April 21. After this mystery man took his seat, the fun began:


The piece quotes this police statement: “Upon taking a seat the male subject removed his pants and underwear, laid down and began to commit a lewd act. This was done in full view of other passengers present.”


Well, if he’s on a damn Red Line train on a Thursday morning, OF COURSE whatever he’s doing is being done in “full view” of the rest of the passengers. That’s the thing about the T: there’s no escaping whatever madness happens to break out at any given moment.


So the question remains: what “lewd act” was this man committing? I mean, there’s the obvious first thing that comes to mind when you take into account that he took of his pants and underwear before performing said “lewd act.” But what if it wasn’t the obvious choice? What else could this mystery man be getting up to on the T on a Thursday, as bottomless as Porky Pig?


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