Music can be a source of inspiration in the direst of situations as evident by a video of Ukrainians prepping for an attack on Odessa.

The video shows Ukrainian citizens filling and loading sandbags while Bon Jovi’s hit “It’s My Life” blares in the background. There’s even a drummer on hand playing along to the empowering tune.

Bon Jovi retweeted the video from their Twitter account along with the caption, “This is for the ones who stood their ground… Odessa, Ukraine. #SlavaUkraini.” The official Twitter account of the Ukrainian government responded with, “Thank you for the support!”

Billboard notes, “Nearly 1,000 Ukrainian citizens have been killed so far in the war, along with more than 1,500 injured as Russian forces continue to rain bombs down on the democratic nation that has been holding strong against Putin’s troops, who’ve so far failed to capture the capital Kyiv despite weeks of trying.”

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