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No matter what the haters and internet trolls say, 19-year-old Blake says he is ready to settle down with his much older and much shorter partner.  Blake has been in a relationship with his 32-year-old, 2ft 10 stripper girlfriend known as Sassee Cassee the World’s Smallest Stripper.

Cassee and Blake met online through Facebook Dating last summer.  Despite their height difference and 13 year age gap the two still felt a spark after meeting and moved in together after a month.

Blake has always seen Cassee as much more than a “really small stripper” and never considered her any different than any other person.

Since bringing their relationship public, they’ve had to deal with a lot of judgment. They also receive a lot of unkind, mocking comments from trolls online. The couple has brushed off criticism and just want people to accept them and their love and mind their own business.


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