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Some companies are already getting a head start and releasing either full commercials or teasers for this year’s Super Bowl.  Here are the latest:

Lay’s:  Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen look back on their “golden” memories together. . . from a road trip . . . to a turbulent flight . . . and to Seth moving in to a haunted house . . . then it ends with Seth marrying the ghost from his house.

BMW:  Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Greek god Zeus.  He teased an image of his transformation last week . . .

but now we know it’s just for an ad for a new car.  A new teaser shows him picking up a cup of coffee.


Uber Eats:  They released three teasers to show that they deliver more than just food.  One has Gwyneth Paltrow taking a bite out of her infamous Goop vagina candle.

The second is Jennifer Coolidge eating lipstick and a makeup brush.

And the third is Trevor Noah taking a bite out of deodorant.


Budweiser:  The Clydesdale has returned after taking a year off from the Super Bowl.  The new spot is called “A Clydesdale’s Journey” and shows a horse hurting its leg and recovering, then getting back up to run because, “In the home of the brave, down never means out.”

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