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A 26-year-old woman is shocked after the way she claims she was treated at a theme park.

This happened back in 2021, but is getting attention now. Whitney Paige Venable was going to Universal Studios when she claims an employee informed her she would have to cover up her cleavage if she wanted to get into the park. She was wearing a white crop top and some shorts, similar to what she claims many other women were wearing into the park.

She claims she was told she had to change her top if she wanted to get into the park because, “I have naturally big breasts and it makes people uncomfortable…” The entire situation left her embarrassed cause she feels that her outfit didn’t violate any of the dress code rules.  She was forced to change because her breasts where so big.

She went back to the car and put another top over her shirt then eventually took it off once inside the park because it was so hot and she was very upset with how she was treated.  No word if that caused any other controversy. The theme park has not provided any comment.

You can find more of Whitney on her Instagram and TikTok, we’ve posted a couple samples so you can decided if she was being treated unjustly or not!


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