This Junk Food Roundup brings some new food innovations with chicken!  One is a festive new way to eat chicken this Valentine’s Day and McDonald’s is putting a new chicken spin on a classic sandwich!

Tyson Is Selling Heart-Shaped Chicken Nuggets for Valentine’s Day

Tyson is selling heart-shaped chicken nuggets for Valentine’s Day . . . because nothing says romance like reconstituted chicken parts molded into the shape of a valentine.



McDonald’s Is Selling a Chicken Big Mac in the U.K.

How is this not an option here yet?  Staring next Wednesday, McDonald’s will start selling a CHICKEN BIG MAC with chicken instead of burgers . . . but only in the U.K.

No word on if the sandwich will be coming to the USA at the moment, but with the popularity of chicken sandwiches within the fast food world it would not be a surprise if it hits local McDonald’s at some point.


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