A former Colorado police lieutenant named Melissa Williams says she was forced to quit her job after her colleagues discovered that she had a secret OnlyFans account.

The lieutenant had reportedly been a 28-year police veteran and had more than 11 years  with the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. She started posting on the porn platform back in May of 2020 for a couple reasons.  First it was a means of spicing up her sex life with her husband and second was used as a way to decompress from her difficult and dangerous job.

Williams is known Lexi Bella on OnlyFans, and the self-proclaimed “MILF and wife-next-door” also posts on Instagram… Enjoy? a couple posts below.

Williams had been posting racy content for 18 months before she received an official complaint via email, whereupon she allegedly discovered that her colleagues had been gossiping about her OnlyFans with some even signing up for her page, but not to support her, just to see her naked. Sharing images and posts with other officers.

She was offered a $30K severance package and made the bittersweet decision to leave the force.


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