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A woman who can’t stop pleasuring herself has decided to monetize her problem, meantime a guy and his dad have launched a disturbing page of their own!

Emma Magnolia who claims her sex drive was so high that it was hard to have a relationship because guys couldn’t satisfy her. So she would have to go off and satisfy herself. She wanted to live a life where she felt satisfied but also make money too.  That’s when she started her OnlyFans page and quit her job as a teacher.

She now claims to make $100k-250k a month, gets herself off up to 15 times a day, and has no regrets.


Now the next OnlyFans members is a strange one…its a father and son duo!

Jake Herbert and his father have a very unique relationship.  They both pose together naked and make money doing it on OnlyFans. Jake started his OnlyFans page several years ago and was making good money posting his lewd and sexually graphic content but he needed to step it.

That’s when he asked his dad if he’d be willing to strip down on camera. Somehow his dad was down and Herbert’s content rakes in (he claims) $40k a month!  His father still has his job as a plumber and the two don’t do anything sexual together besides strip down and pose.

We couldn’t find any appropriate pics of the two to post on our site but if you look hard enough you can find them on your own….they are very explicit.


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