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Make sure to check station prices every time you get gas: drivers can save $200 per year by checking gas prices in their area before their fill-ups.

Gas ain’t cheap these days. But if you’re a driver in Massachusetts that uses an E-ZPass, you’re just a few steps away from saving on your next fill-up.


The Boston Globe reports that Boston-based PayByCar has teamed up with E-ZPass and Alltown service stations. E-ZPass users can pre-register on the PayByCar website, fill up at select Alltown locations in the Commonwealth, and save 30 cents a gallon for fill-ups up to 20 gallons. The promotion is good for 5 fill-ups per user between now and February 10, 2022.


Don’t have an E-ZPass? That’s OK. PayByCar will give you a sticker that allows you to take advantage of the discount. Get started here.