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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 30: A general View outside of CBGB's bar where the Ramones once played. The corner of E. 2nd St. and the Bowery will be renamed in memory of the late punk musician Joey Ramone November 30, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Teresa Lee/Getty Images)

Rob Dobi is an illustrator, photographer, and former merch designer. He’s also knows his punk rock and is a bit of a troll, but in a good-natured way.


Dobi called into a radio show on a conservative talk station last week under the guise of a normal call. He then wove a tapestry of words that, on the surface, sounded like the type of call you’d expect to hear on that type of show. But it was really just an expertly-crafted list of punk and hardcore bands. Take a look.


And the best part? The hosts never caught on. I counted 20 bands total. Did I miss any?