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Jimmy Kimmel brought the Melrose Halloween controversy onto the national stage, poking fun at the school superintendent and suggesting some alternative names for the holiday.

It all started when Melrose school Superintendent Julie Kukenberger implemented a new policy shifting Fall celebrations away from Halloween, and more toward Fall itself to encourage inclusion.

It created a debate between the cancel culture police (not actual police) and supporters of Kukenberger.  Some demand they celebrate Halloween and have started a petition.  Some are offering their support for Kukenberger.

As we all know, comedy is the best way to handle issues that really are kind of silly anyway.  And Jimmy Kimmel is the king of the Halloween prank anyway.

Kimmel said: “Sounds to me like maybe Julie Kukenberger couldn’t think of a fun costume so she ruined it for everybody.”  And “All I know for sure is there are about to be a lot of eggs thrown at the Kukenberger house”

He later suggested some “alternate, non-offensive name for the holiday at the end of October.”  A couple he threw out there:

“Squash Hashanah” and “The Festival of Non-Terrifying, Eco-Friendly Rubber Masks.”

Good luck to everyone in Melrose. And when you get ready to blast out a post with your opinion on Halloween, just be glad your power is on and you can blast it from your warm house.

See Jimmy’s entertaining take below.