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The “America’s Got Talent” spin-off “AGT: Extreme” has been put on hold after a devastating accident happened on the set Friday.

Stunt performer Jonathon Goodwin was hospitalized after reportedly landing on his head and suffering a “neurological injury” that is said to have him “close to death.”

The stunt was said to have Goodwin in a straight jacket from which he was to free himself and land on an air mattress below, while two cars swung back-and-forth. Apparently, something went wrong, and the two cars collided, “sandwiched” him, and there was an explosion.

A YouTuber has posted clips of the stunt (as well as their own commentary) in the video below.

You can hear the 911 call here.

As far as we have read the stuntman is suffering from a neurological injury.

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