Elton John continues to offer up previews to his new album, The Lockdown Sessions. His latest preview is “Finish Line” featuring Stevie Wonder.

In a statement on the song, Sir Elton said, “After 50 years of friendship that all started 20,000 feet up on Starship 1 with multiple performances and singles together since, it is a true honor for me to have finally done a duet with you, Stevie. It was a magical process from start to finish and I’d go far as to say it’s one of the best records I’ve ever made.”

John added, “Thank you, Stevie – your talent is beyond ridiculous, and you sound as good as you ever have on this track. Thank you, Andrew [Watt] – you have done an unbelievable job on production. I hope you all love ‘Finish Line’ as much as I do, it is a true bucket list moment for me.”

John told Billboard, “We wanted Stevie initially just to play harmonica and then it just grew. Then he put acoustic piano on it so he and I are playing piano on the same record, which is so great. He wasn’t going to sing on it, I think he thought he’d done enough. I really wanted him to sing on it because it, for me, was like an old-fashioned soul song and that’s the music I grew up loving … Andrew [Watt, producer] and I ended up twisting his arm and he did sing on it…I just think ‘I’m singing with Stevie Wonder and I’m playing with Stevie Wonder and I really like it!'”

“Finish Line” is available for streaming/download here. The Lockdown Sessions comes out October 22 and is available for pre-order now in a variety of formats and bundles at EltonJohn.com.


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