Taylor Hawkins had a little fun at the literal expense of some autograph seekers likely trying to get his John Hancock to later sell online.

The TMZ video below shows Hawkins exiting his hotel in New York City, and one autograph seeker immediately yells, “Taylor, I got $40.” Hawkins then immediately goes to that person, takes their money and then signs an autograph.

The TMZ photographer begins peppering Hawkins with questions about his autograph rates, potential discounts and whether he takes Venmo. The drummer then catches on and says, “Are you TMZ?” and despite wearing a face covering, he clearly begins to grin and laugh.

As for “discounts,” Hawkins clearly has one for actual fans (“If you go to the show, then you are a fan.”) and not people hanging out outside his hotel trying to get an autograph they’re trying to later sell. (One autograph seeker can be seen in the video below giving Hawkins a baseball to sign.)

So, how much money did Hawkins make on this autograph blitz? A whopping $64 bucks, which he says he appreciates because he “hates going to the ATM.” He then razzes Pat Smear while he’s signing autographs and tells him to get some money, too.

The lesson today? If you’re looking to make money off of Taylor Hawkins’ autograph, be prepared to give him some sort of cut.


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