Foo Fighters are the cover story subject of the latest issue of Rolling Stone. The piece is chock-full of fantastic pull quotes, but comments from guitarist Pat Smear about the band’s 2011 hit “Walk” stick out.

Smear said, “Every night when he sings the line ‘I never want to die,’ I look at him every time and think of Kurt [Cobain.] Every single time. Because Kurt was, ‘I hate myself and I want to die.’ And that’s the opposite-ness of them. And I do so love being with life lovers.”

Grohl would mention in the interview how Cobain helped inspire the uplifting tune saying, “It kind of comes from the day after Kurt died. Waking up that morning and realizing, ‘Oh, s—, he’s not here anymore. I am. Like, I get to wake up and he doesn’t. I’m making a cup of coffee. And he can’t. I’m gonna turn on the radio. And he won’t.’ That was a big revelation to me.”

He continued, “I think also in life, you get trapped in crisis, where you imagine there’s no way out. When really, if you dare to consider that crisis a blip on the radar, it’s easier to push through. And, yeah, I was just like, ‘I don’t want anyone to have that feeling that I had that morning.'”

Grohl, in very Grohl-like fashion, would then say, “I’m serious. I don’t want to f—ing die! I know it’s inevitable, but I don’t want to. That’s gonna be such a drag.”

To that point, most would probably agree that Dave Grohl dying would be “such a drag.”


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