An animal control officer from Rye, NH saved the day for one lucky woman.

Olivia Ireland had been enjoying her time at Cable Beach when suddenly she realized that she had lost her engagement ring somewhere along the way. Ireland recalled that it had fallen off her finger sometime when she was in the water. The recent fiancée had only had the ring for about a month.

Officer Bob McGrath was patrolling Cable Beach when he found Olivia searching for her valuable using a metal detector.

Unbeknownst to her, McGrath had practiced metal detecting for years. The helpful Officer returned to the beach later in the evening when the water was at low tide and– after about an hour of hunting– was able to find the ring.

Olivia Ireland underlined to sources that Officer McGrath had found it 6 inches in the sand.

“I just can’t believe that he was able to find it. I’m just in awe,” Ireland said. “I’m eternally grateful to Officer McGrath. I can’t even thank him enough.”

Officer McGrath was a lifesaver for Olivia Ireland. Ireland was also grateful for the other strangers that offered to help.

Olivia Ireland emphasized for others to take off your jewelry before going into the ocean.

Yesterday Animal Control Officer Bob McGrath was patrolling Cable Beach when he came upon Olivia who was out metal...

Posted by Rye, NH Police Department on Sunday, August 15, 2021