Bruce Springsteen is in the middle of his second run of his Springsteen on Broadway show. While the original show, which also became a Netflix special, was a massive hit, The Boss still made some changes for the new run at Jujamcyn’s St. James Theatre.

In an interview with, Springsteen touches on moments that have happened since the first run of the show came to a close, like the Black Lives Matter protests and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s been too much history since I’ve done it last. The past two years have been, what can you say?” said Springsteen. “It just happened very naturally. It’s organic, the minute I started rehearsing the show again, things start to change…The Black Lives Matter protests were really encouraging and to see all those young kids out in the street was very inspiring. So [‘American Skin’] was a song I wrote a long time ago, but it just remains relevant and I found a really nice arrangement for just myself and the guitar. Actually, that was Jon Landau’s idea to put it into the show.”

People who attend Springsteen’s Broadway show must be fully vaccinated, which has garnered some protests. In response to that, Springsteen said, “Hundreds of thousands of people died. It can be hard to know what to do. Obviously, I’m in favor of everybody being vaccinated, and that’s why the show is the way that it is. Plus, I’m responsible for the safety of my audience. But it’s hard, confusing times, so I actually have some feelings for the folks who were outside.

Springsteen also famously addresses his headline-grabbing DWI arrest from November 2020 during the new run of the show.

On opening night, he said, “I didn’t wake up one morning, get on my motorcycle and say, ‘I think I’ll drive to jail.’ And then I had to go to Zoom Court! My case was the United States of America vs. Bruce Springsteen. That’s always comfortable to hear, that the entire nation is aligned against you. ‘You have managed to engage in an act so heinous that it was offended the entire f—in’ United States! You, my recalcitrant, law-breaking, bridge-and-tunnel friend have drunk two shots of tequila.’ New Jersey, they love me there!”

Springsteen on Broadway is currently scheduled to run at Jujamcyn’s St. James Theatre through September 4.

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