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17th August 1967: They may be attending a summer camp run by the National Association for Gifted Children, but these two boys enjoy reading comic books just like other kids their age. (Photo by Potter/Express/Getty Images)

When you’re sending your kid away for a two-week, sleep-away summer camp, the last thing you want to hear is a Fyre Fest reference.


Sadly, that’s the best analogy for the Camp Quinebarge experience in the summer of 2021. The Boston Globe reports that the rustic overnight camp, located in Moultonborough, NH, was forced to shut down after just six days. The shutdown left parents scrambling to pick up campers after less than a week of what was supposed to be a two-week stretch. Oh, and the price tag for those two weeks? $3,400.


Where Fyre Fest had that infamous catering image…


…Camp Quinebarge had a delayed food delivery, a busted dishwasher, a cook who quit, and a meal served on dirty dishes. And that was just in the kitchen! The Globe piece unearthed stories of camp counselors quitting, a camper punching a counselor, that same camper attacking another camper, and campers vomiting and being quarantined.


With horrors like that, I’d take Camp Crystal Lake over Camp Quinebarge. But I’d still take both over Fyre Fest. Read more in the Boston Globe.