A Russian couple claims they spent ten days hiding in trees without food to escape a bear that was stalking them.

The couple was trying to spend a day at a hot springs but their car got stuck in a big puddle and there was no cell phone coverage.  They stayed one night in the car before they tried to make their way to a “tourist base” to call for help.  During their walk towards the base they noticed a large bear was stalking them.

Initially the couple tried to scare the bear away, but eventually it started to run after them.  They threw water bottles and backpacks to try to scare the bear away, but it just ate the food in their back pack. Leaving them with no food or water.

Eventually they were able to climb down and move short distances before having to climb another tree to stay safe cause the bear continued to stalk them.  Finally they found their way back to the car where someone had stumbled upon the abandoned vehicle and was able to get the couple to safety.