It’s not very nice for a Somerset, MA marijuana dispensary these days after being served a $9 million lawsuit from actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Borat actor filed suit on Monday alleging copyright infringement and false advertising after Solar Therapeutics used his character in a billboard advertising earlier this year.

In the unauthorized advertisement, the Baron Cohen is depicted giving two thumbs up as Borat with the catchphrase “It’s Nice!” from the movie franchise.

“Mr. Baron Cohen never has been involved in advertising any commercial products or services anywhere in the United States or the United Kingdom, despite countless opportunities to do so,” according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston.

“Upon information and belief, the Defendants believed Mr. Baron Cohen would not learn about the Billboard, so they took a gamble, guessing they could copy and use Mr. Baron Cohen’s image without ever having to pay for it,” Baron Cohen’s attorney writes in the suit.

“Mr. Baron Cohen seeks market value compensation, statutory treble damages, and punitive and other damages, estimated to be in a total amount of at least $9 million.”