Neil Finn

Crowded House frontman Neil Finn got an unexpected call from Mick Fleetwood a few years ago, inviting him to join Fleetwood Mac, following the firing of Lindsey Buckingham. Finn did a tour with the band, and is now back to leading Crowded House.

Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie recently said that she didn't think the band would ever tour again, but recently rolled that statement back a bit. Mick Fleetwood, meanwhile, recently said he wants to do a tour with every living member of the band, past and present. And Fleetwood recently told Rolling Stone that he has started to mend fences with Lindsey Buckingham.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Finn said that if the band decided to reunite their classic lineup – Fleetwood, John and Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, he’d happily leave the band.

“I would be delighted for them if they reconcile,” he said. “I would gladly step aside to allow that to happen. I’m not entering the arena in terms of whether that is possible. But I’m really happy that Mick has crossed some bridges with Lindsey. I know that had to happen at some point. I know it’s not as simple as that. But look, if it served Fleetwood Mac and its best interests, I would be delighted for them. I wouldn’t lay any claim or put any obstacles in front of them.”

He noted that there was talk of the latest Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood, the McVies, Nicks, Finn and former Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell – going into the studio. “Everyone was like, ‘It could be great!’ But there’s a big journey from ‘it could be great’ to actually going in the studio. I wouldn’t rule anything out. What I’ve learned from life is you can’t expect anything to go any certain way. You can always be surprised.”

Finn and Crowded House just released their first album in over a decade, Dreamers Are Waiting. Incidentally, Finn wouldn’t rule out a reunion of his other band, Split Enz.