A Bon Scott hologram was a pitched idea to a popular hologram production company despite AC/DC still being an active band.

In a new feature from Rolling Stone, Eyellusion Hologram Production CEO Jeff Pezzuti, whose company is responsible for the Frank Zappa and Ronnie James Dio holograms, said, “We were offered an AC/DC hologram of Bon Scott. We asked ourselves, ‘Do we want to represent something with Bon Scott?’ And it just wasn’t right for us at that point.”

Pezzuti added, “It’s a very personal thing to the groups. … You have to be careful what you do there. AC/DC is still a very current band with Brian Johnson singing.”

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Interestingly enough, Pezzuti touched on how he’s interested in working with active artists now on creating holograms once certain artists are no longer able to tour due to health reasons or, sadly, death.

Pezzuti explains, “With living artists we would actually set up a stage of some kind, and we would actually record one show with the intention of creating holographic performances. So basically you’d be creating a show where the artist looks like they’re there. Obviously, they’ll sound like they’re there because there will be live sound. But basically it could be in five or 10 or 15 places at once. So the idea is, the older acts could actually be out there in front of people generating revenue and quote-unquote ‘touring.'”

He then adds, “A lot of times you can’t have two A-level artists, unless you’re charging $200, $300 a ticket. But in this scenario, you could charge like a $50 ticket and still make the financials work. You could have some triple bills that could never, ever [otherwise] assemble.”


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