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REYKJANES PENINSULA, ICELAND - MARCH 28: (EDITOR'S NOTE: Alternate crop) People's figures are illuminated by the glow of the lava on March 28, 2021 on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland. The Mount Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted on March 19, after thousands of small earthquakes in the area over the recent weeks, and was reportedly the first eruption of its kind on the Reykjanes Peninsula in around 800 years. (Photo by Sophia Groves/Getty Images)

Volcanoes rule. And good drone footage rules. Combine the two–and make sure the volcano is erupting–and you’ve got some pretty wild footage.


Joey Helms, who captured the footage, writes: “The ongoing eruption of the Icelandic Volcano Fagradalsfjall in the Geldingadalir valley was one of the most magnificent sights I have ever witnessed in my life. It is hard to put in words but this once in a lifetime drone footage may give you an idea what it feels like to be there.”


Check out the “kill shot” first, as shared on Twitter:


And here’s the full video, courtesy of Helms’ YouTube page.