A man in Pennsylvania stole an ambulance on Monday, but he was caught driving it 45 minutes away.  And the guy who spotted him was an off-duty paramedic . . . who usually drives that ambulance.

34-year-old Raymond Gonzalez stole the ambulance from a location the EMT’s were responding to a call at.  The first responders realized the the ambulance was stolen when they were taking a patient to load into the ambulance to transport him to the hospital.

Later in the day the paramedic that usually operates that same ambulance spotted it while off-duty. He notified police and followed the ambulance until the state police arrived. To make the story even crazier after the off-duty paramedic called the ambulance in, Gonzalez crashed the ambulance into the back of a tractor trailer.

No one was hurt and Gonzalez was placed in police custody.


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