A guy on Reddit wants advice after he refused to be the best man at his twin brother’s wedding . . . because the twin is marrying HIS ex-girlfriend.

The future bride and angry twin dated when they were 16 and broke up before he moved away to go to college while she stayed local.  His brother (the groom) began dating the ex-girlfriend and broke the news to his brother after the first year of college.

The news didn’t go over well, but they made an agreement that would allow them to get along…as long as she was never around or talked about when the two brothers were together.

Now they are getting married and the twin wants to stick to this agreement and not attend or be the best man in the wedding.  Some friends and family are urging him to put the high school relationship behind him for one night, but he’s still refusing.

What would you do if you had a sibling getting married to one of your ex’s?


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