This Junk Food Round Up is all about birthday cake flavored innovations one involves Cheez-It and one involves Mountain Dew.  Plus Taco Bell forces us to say RIP to another delicious menu item!

Goldbelly is selling a limited-edition Cheez-It birthday cake, which is made from an entire box of crackers.  The cake costs $49 and will be VERY limited.  You’ll have to order one between May 17th thru 20th sold on a first-come first-served basis.  They begin taking orders at 12 noon 5/17.  MORE INFO

Another company getting in on the birthday cake action is Mountain Dew! Someone on Reddit posted a photo of new Mountain Dew “Cake-Smash.”

No word on when they will be hitting shelves, but it appears Pepsi-Co the company behind Mountain Dew has trademarked “MTN Dew 80 CAKE-SMASH” back in 2019.  The can describes the flavor to be “DEW with a rush of artificial cake flavor.” MORE INFO

Very soon Taco Bell is forcing their fans to say goodbye to another one of their fast food innovations. The Quesalupa will be leaving the menu SOON! Some locations have already stopped selling the item and most other locations will follow.

A restaurant spokesperson encourages “to satisfy their Quesalupa craving before it leaves Taco Bell’s menu later this month.” They know fans will be disappointed, but also say they made it clear the item would only be around for a limited time. MORE INFO

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