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11am - 4pm

393574 01: A 12-foot pink ribbon is hung August 22, 2001 on the New Balance building overlooking the Massachusetts Turnpike in Brighton, MA. The ribbon was hung to raise awareness for breast cancer. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

It’s not just live music that’s returning to Boston, it’s live music venues. The Bowery Presents just announced they’ll open a new venue in Brighton in 2022.


Slated to open in spring of next year, Roadrunner will be housed in Boston Landing, aka the New Balance building, aka where the Celtics and Bruins practice now. Roadrunner will boast a capacity of 3,500, which is larger than both the Orpheum Theatre (capacity 2,700) and the House of Blues (capacity 2,200).


More live music venues in the city proper is certainly a good thing. Vanyaland has more details on Roadrunner. And if you’re wondering why they chose that name, you shouldn’t be.