Here’s a story for the ages: A U.K.-based tabloid recently ran a story with the headline “Metal Makes Us All Heavy – Loud rock linked to craving fatty foods.”

The tabloid in question is The Daily StarPer transcriptions by Loudwire and Metal Hammerthis article claims that the music one listens to may have an effect on the foods they consume. Supposedly, metal fans are more inclined to choose higher caloric foods to snack on compared to fans of other music genres.

This absurd topic/article made its way onto the British talk show Jeremy Vine on 5 where the show’s hosts clearly didn’t take the article too seriously. Co-host Storm Huntley noted, “I’m kind of R&B-pop. That doesn’t make me want to have a salad. Nothing seems to make me want to have a salad.”

Metal Hammer also noted, “The last time ‘The Daily Star’ ran a story on heavy metal, on April 10, it was under the headline ‘Heavy metal fan loses eight stone by dancing to favourite tunes’, which would seem to imply that listening to metal can actually make you thinner.”

So, what did we learn today? Heavy metal doesn’t necessarily indicate your body weight, and maybe tabloid newspapers should just stick to celebrity gossip.

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