Wicked Spring Guide

Planning and sticking to a fitness routine can be tough, but the warm weather makes it a little bit easier by giving you plenty of more options of ways to stay fit. If you are looking to get back into exercising or just need a change from your current routine, hiking can be a great way to switch things up! We put together some tips for you when it comes to adding spring hikes to your fitness routine.

Start Off Small

Especially if you haven’t worked out in a few months, don’t rush into it or it could do more damage than good. Your body and mind need to adjust to hiking. Once you feel yourself getting more used to it, you can gradually increase the length, time, and difficulty. Start off with flat hikes before you add an incline, shorter hikes, and only a few times per week!

Stretch Before You Go

Before you go for a hike, it’s important to warm your body up! Make sure to do some stretching and strengthening exercises to get your body prepared for increased activity. It may not seem it, but stretching is an essential part of a workout to ensure your muscles and targeted areas are ready to go.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This one is incredibly important, especially as the weather continues to get warmer into the summer months. Make sure to always bring a bottle of water with you because your body will be working hard and sweating! Especially if you are going for a long one or going on a trail with a lot of incline, it’s very important to stay hydrated.

Buy New Hiking Gear

Haven’t worked out in a while? Grab some new gear! Different footwear and clothing works for different workouts. It’s important to have the correct shoe to not only prevent injury, but also be as comfortable as possible. Plus, buying new clothes always make things more exciting, right?!

Balance Your Workouts

Sure, hikes a great addition to your fitness routine. But, don’t forget to try and mix in some others too! Whether it’s a different type of cardio, weight lifting, dance… it’s important to switch things up so your full body gets a workout. You can do this at a gym or even at home with YouTube workouts or fitness apps.

Hike with a Friend or Family Member

Get some quality time in while also getting a workout in! Hiking is a great way to catch up with a friend or family member. You could even take your kids with you on a nature walk. Plus, it’s way more enjoyable when you have someone to talk to. Your hikes will go by so fast, it won’t even feel like a workout!

Explore New Trails

This goes without saying… why stick to one trail when there’s so many to explore?! There are so many trails in the area that are perfect for spring hikes. Especially once you start to advance, you may be looking for more of an incline or a longer trail. Doing the same workouts over and over can get boring, so this will definitely help keep it interesting!

Before you go on your first hike, check out the YouTube videos below to make sure you are fully prepared!

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