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A Florida senior is in trouble after getting upset over the thickness of the tomato on her Whopper!

77-year-old Judith Black became unruly at a Burger King near her home in The Villages.  Something about the tomato on her sandwich wasn’t right and she began yelling at one of the workers behind the counter.

The female employee trying to assist her asked her to stop the loud complaints or they would not be able to take care of the tomato problem,  then turned around to go back to work.  That’s when Judith allegedly took the Whopper without the proper tomato topping and threw it at the employee while rattling off a rant of racial slurs and derogatory remarks before leaving the BK location.

When police caught up with Judith, she admitted to throwing the Whopper and using racial slurs at the Burger King restaurant.  She was arrested and charged with assault and felony battery due to the racial slurs and language used during the altercation.


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