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We are going to start this post with a DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Warning. 

As long as there are people wanting to get high, there’ll be people finding messed up ways to make it happen.  The latest? Eating rotten meat.

Proponents call it “high meat.” As for what it is, you leave some meat out to decompose for “weeks or even years.” That creates a layer of bacteria across the surface.” Then, folks chow down on the stuff, claiming it “gives them a sense of euphoria.”

Here is a guy that hopped on the trend back in 2017 eating meat that had allegedly been rotting for a year.

Eating 1 Year Old Rotten High Meat (Beef Entrecôte)

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Keep in mind almost every medical professional would recommend NOT eating raw or rotting meat and foods.  You are putting yourself at risk for infection and in extreme cases death.