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A guy from Livonia, a suburb of Detroit, was livestreaming himself while fleeing from police officers. 

Officers noticed the man driving around in a red G6 with no license plate, they tried to pull him over but he refused to stop and lead them on a chase.  Police decided to call off the chase and later found out that the entire thing was put up on Facebook allowing them to identify a suspect.

He was involved in more chases that day, each with the police calling it off for safety. During each one or after some of them he would return to social media to brag or livestream portions of the police chase. In one of the videos he brags about being in 4 different chases in one day.

The Livonia PD have put together a little video of the multiple chases edited with some of his social media livestream.

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The suspect was eventually found and arrested a few days after.  His car has been impounded.