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If you were a regular at The Rat, Bunratty’s, Axis, or any of the beloved Boston rock venues of the late ’80s and early ’90s, prepare to take a trip.


Presto Records, the local label that released Boston-based rock from 1989-1994, is reissuing it’s entire catalog digitally. Presto pumped out 11 albums over that 5-year span, and their roster no doubt has a band or two that will jog your memory: Classic Ruins, Miranda Warning, The Terrible Parade, Miles Dethmuffen, The Visigoths, Evol Twin, and The Trojan Ponies.


Presto and their bands were just a few years before my time; I didn’t start hitting rock shows in the city until I started at Northeastern University as an undergrad in 1995. But I can remember grabbing copies of the Boston Phoenix in the Student Center, pouring over the concert listings, and having my mind blown by the names of the bands: “Miles Dethmuffin? Is that a guy or a band?”


Check out the Presto discography and release schedule below. The fun starts on Tuesday, May 5. We’ll update this space with links when they go live.


Presto Records Discography

1989     PLP 1001          Classic Ruins                Ruins Café

1989     PLP 1002          Miranda Warning          It’s All Part of Growing Up

1990     PLP 1003          The Terrible Parade       Where Were You When The Lights Went Out

1990     PLP 1004          Miles Dethmuffen         Nine-Volt Grape

1990     PCD 1005         The Visigoths               Full Treatment

1991     PCD 1006         Miranda Warning          Your Life Is Excellent Now

1992     PS 101              The Terrible Parade       “Ed McMahon Says/Telephone Man” 7”

1992     PS 102              Evol Twin                     “Say Goodbye/Uncle Carlos/Song for the Dead Girl” 7”

1992     PS 103              The Trojan Ponies         “Growing Old/Dean I” 7”

1992     PS 104              Miles Dethmuffen         “Mouth of Hell/Painting the Bridge” 7”

1993     PCD 1007         Miranda Warning          Twelve Speed Pop Blender


Spotify & YouTube Release Schedule (all releases from each respective band per week)

May 5              Classic Ruins

May 12            Miranda Warning

May 19            The Terrible Parade

May 26            Miles Dethmuffen

June 2              The Visigoths

June 9              Evol Twin

June 16            The Trojan Ponies